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The World is Changing

Abhiraj Sengupta

I analysed my son. The same smile, the same eyes, the same nose everything was almost the same except that he now had facial hairs, a salt and pepper beard and a little scar near his left eye, but why did I feel that he has completely changed? Was he supposed to? He was the same person but has evolved and changed over the past three decades…Now 35, my son is not the same anymore…He never calls me with the same affection like before, he never takes me to trips and keeps me confined to their 3 BHK…. Was I expecting too much?? Was I demanding too much…? Every time I think of this, I feel a strange aura of sadness and melancholy…His wife, who respected me a lot when newlywed, now forgets to give me my medicines… His son, now 9 years old, is often glued to his mobile phone rarely having time for these 64 years old grandpa … Has everything changed? Is the world changing but why??Is everything supposed to change?? I am against this fast paced change of the new world…His mom, I mean my wife, is always well dressed in the red saree and vermillion, both gifted by me during our wedding, in the photo in the living room with a marigold garland,  her favourite flower. She keeps smiling and I ask her why don’t you move the same way around the house like you did 4 years ago? Why after 57 years your age stopped counting? Why don’t your hair turn black even after 4 years like mine all white now…I know these are stupid questions but I still need answers…My daughter, living in USA with her family, seldom remembers me only when I call her to know how she is…I raised them with my utmost care and now they forgot who I am; I set myself on fire to light up the homes of those who were near to me…. everyone is around me…yet still so distant….my better half is at a place where humans don’t reach. Perhaps that’s why God called her to heaven….such an angel she was after all. I often want to join my wife in the journey of heaven and I feel that’s the best way to escape this world of hypocrisy…This anecdote, brings me back to the present day. Today is my birthday as well as my wife’s death anniversary. Our children were blissfully ignorant to remember both the events and are busy with their respective jobs. I often told them to forget the past and work on the future to get the best results but I think they misunderstood my definition of “Past”….I warn everybody that the world is changing and we can do nothing about it. So, Here, my dear wife, take this piece of cake…Let us celebrate the events, both are amalgamation of sorrow and despair…Only you, me and our memories will survive…We don’t need anyone, I repeat, anyone… 

Abhiraj Sengupta
Class 10th-C
Mayoor School



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  1. It’s so wonderfully penned down. In just a few words, it explains so many emotions and the story of this changing world so beautifully!

  2. Well written expressing practical aspects of the present situation of the society using proper English.

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