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The Haunted House

Aishani Majumdar

Julie, who lived in Croydon, knew that she should never go alone to the haunted House near their home. She had been told this by her sister, parents and grandparents.

The night before her birthday, Julie laid awake in her bed and before she could stop herself, she tiptoed down the hallway, got a torch and opened the door to step out into the darkness.

After some walk, Julie was thrilled to see a road sign with a label saying, “Creepy Road” and it also indicated that the Haunted House was a mile down that path.

She switched on her torch and walked towards the Haunted House through the dark Creepy Road. After some time, she could see a large black shape which was the Haunted House.

She went up the steps and knocked on the door. A shrill voice replied, “Come in Julie, the door is open”. Amazed, she entered the house and came face to face with an old witch, who was looking at a crystal globe. Julie exclaimed, “Excuse me, who are you and how do you know my name?”

The witch replied, “I am Cumia, and I have been watching you through this crystal globe for some time, and I know it is your birthday tomorrow. So I put a magic spell to bring you here, so that I could give you a birthday gift.” She pointed her skinny hand to a table beside the door and there lay a present for Julie.

Julie took the present, thanked Cumia and invited her to her home for her birthday party in the evening and left for her home. By the time she reached her home, she was very tired, but she was also incredibly happy to make a new friend and get a gift for her birthday. It certainly was going to be a very exciting birthday and she could not wait to show everyone her new friend and gift.

Aishani Majumdar is a fun loving 7 years old and loves writing stories, singing, dancing and crafts.



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