Home Poem, Assorted Snowflakes


Saraswat Chatterjee

On a chilly winter morning, 

the scenery was bliss,

White, fluffy and tiny, 

the snowflakes poured on and on,

It’s funny, I thought, 

how small things can bring such joy,

And when I looked across, 

the snow had covered the lawn.

Then I thought about you, 

those little moments we have shared,

A laugh, a glance, 

A point of agreement we didn’t foresee, 

I could never have known that those small moments of delight,

Would bring this day, 

when you mean the world to me.

As I look back upon those days, 

I think of that old saying, 

In this world full of souls, 

you’ve to find the one for you,

Perfect, in spite of all your imperfections,

My search was over, the day I met you.




Saraswat Chatterjee

He is a doctor in the Indian Navy. Apart from his medical duties, he is an avid traveller and enjoys reading, music and football in his free time.



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