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Sketches by Soham Ghosh

The sketches go by the theme of social distancing


परदे के पीछे, दरवाज़े के अंदर, घरके के भीतर, नज़रूँ से हटकर, फ़ोन के भीतर दूरियां बनाकर, क्यूंकि social distancing रखना हैं बरोबर

Mode: Pencil & sketch pen on white paper board.

Photography by Soham Ghosh (1)
Photography by Soham Ghosh (2)
Soham Ghosh

Software Engineer by profession and an artist by heart. Presently he is working with L&T Infotech and sketches/paints in different mediums during his artful time. He also spends his time as a freelance photographer and has his photographs published in Kolkata Diary by Nemai Ghosh, Starmark.



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