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In Memory Of Rishi Kapoor

Anjan Basu Chaudhury


Rishi Kapoor, a name which Indian Film Industry will remember with pride every day as long as the industry continues to make films.

He is one of the sons of Late Raj Kapoor. I believe Rishi used to imitate his beloved father from his childhood which no one used to.

He had such talent which was proved in his first film appearance in Bobby produced by RK films. It was a hit film of all times which I feel even our next generation will still love to witness.

His way of acting in films was very simple but so lively that one can read the actual character (which Rishi used to play) in him.

Film Bobby had a special introduction in my life because of reasons which right now I can’ t disclose. However, I enjoyed every film with Rishi Kapoor.

Take the instance of the Kawali, “Parda hai Parda” sung by Md Rafi Saheb in the film Amar Akbar Anthoni, the acting was so perfect, that it felt as if the song was being sung by Rishi himself. I can never forget throughout my lifetime.

Apart from this, he played in numerous films, which are really praiseworthy.

I do not know much about Rishi Kapoor and his personal life but it took my heart out when I heard the news that he was no more.

My heartfelt condolence to his family. May his soul Rest In Peace.





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