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Vanilla Sky

Author: Debanjali


In this entire lockdown episode, while we are dealing with our own lockdown issues, I am trying to seek positives in the current situation. I am sure you all must have noticed some changes in and around you. I noticed a nearly dead adenium which I was planning to uproot, sprout a green leaf from the dry stem. I saw peacocks move more frequently and openly in our backdrop. And I saw stars for the first time in 15 years of my stay in Delhi NCR. Not just one or two stars but one whole constellation. What caught my eye in this whole episode of Lockdown is the Sky. And so here it goes …


perfect slice of vanilla sky
spread to the horizon of my eye
strokes of white
smudge or swirl a delicious sight
a fetching shade of blue
rising from the orange hues…


Faculty Head, Economics, Resource person UN Programmes for students



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