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I Am Happy When It Rains

Author: Pratiti Sen, 9


When the earth was hot and the sun was burning. Everyone was tired of the scorching heat. Then suddenly a drop of surprise came down from the sky and to our surprise, it started to rain. The frogs came out of the flowing rivers one by one. The ants walked down to their home in a queue. The children jumped on the puddle with some wearing bright coloured raincoats or some having beautiful umbrellas with gumboots. The dry rivers filled up with water and the water plans, water animals and etc came to life. Some ladies and men came out of their houses to fill water in their little tubs, buckets and pots. When it rains, the leaves become slippery and more green. The roads become clean which makes me feel good. The droplets from the leaves fall on my face and I feel relaxed. When the rain stopped a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky and the frogs went back to the river, one by one. The children, ladies and men went back to their houses. The ants also came out collecting food for themselves. Rain makes us happy. It plays a big part in our life.


Pratiti Sen

She is 9 years of age. She loves Dancing, Drawing and Drama. She is very jolly by nature and loves to gorge on delicious food.




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