Tussar Silk

The Traditional Yet Trendy Garment That Indian Women Adore

Author: Sraboni Mitra Ghosh


As an Indian woman, you probably love Tussar Silk. This breathing, gorgeous fabric makes you feel like a queen. On top of everything, this fabric makes you feel so comfortable. However, there are many varieties of Tussar Silk and it is quite precious too. You need to take care of your Tussar Silk attires properly.

Tussar Silk or Wild Silk is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide-winged moth that is yellowish-brown in colour. The origin of Tussar is rooted in Medieval Times. Jharkhand is India’s highest producer of it. Tussar Silk is an unexampled epitome of delicacy. Its rich textured

attribute and its natural impression is so exquisite that designers love to create a variety of attires with it. Bengal is the second highest producer and exporter of Tussar silk. Bishnupur, Raghunathpur (Purulia), is the root of the weaves. Tribal women trained in the art of Tussar can weave upto 10 metres in three days. The precisely finished and designer garments produced using Tussar silk are world famous. It is an exporter all over the globe, including the Gulf, Europe and the UK.

The Sanskrit name of the fabric is Kosa. Shicha, Gachi, Katia, Bapta, Desi, Kosa and Muga are the names of the types of weaves. Muga Tussar from Assam is the most expensive variant available. It ranges from Rs. 15,000 to 1 lakh. As it is the queen of textile, luxury, elegance, class and comfort, the garments made out of this fabric like sarees, Kurtis, Kurtas, Dupattas, stoles, tops, scarfs, home furnishing are all meticulously designed. Natural dyes are commonly used for dying Tussar silk. This unique fabric is breathable and it is comfortable to wear all year long. This fabric needs to breathe, so it is advisable not to keep them in plastic bags but to use cloth bags instead.

The purity of the fabric can be well illustrated: if a thread is taken out and burnt, it will immediately turn into ashes if it is pure. If it is mixed with some other thread or is not pure, a sticky or wax-based substance will form. It is essential that Tussar silk be washed with cold water and mild detergent.

If you ever buy anything made out of Tussar Silk, treat it with care and it will take care of your fashion in return for many years to come.


(B.A. LLB)

She is an Advocate by qualification but a designer by her profession.

She is the Co-owner of an established Boutique in Kolkata. She takes interests in art and performing arts like dance and drama.




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