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Sunny Day and Rainy Day By Pratiti Sen

Artist : Pratiti Sen

In a Drawing also SUNNY DAY is Clear and Bright and RAINY DAY is Shabby and Dull … although same pastel colors are used …
This because the SHADES are different
Like in REALITY … 😊










Pratiti Sen

She is 9 years of age. She loves Dancing, Drawing and Drama. She is very jolly by nature and loves to gorge on delicious food.



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  1. Pratiti, tomar duto drawing kub sundar ar meaningful. Ajkal sabai abstract art valobase. Amar kintu tomar hater anka sun, rain ba anyo kichhu valo laglo. Vorer chhobi ba gramer bari, gaach, nadi eisab anke ektu pathao amader Du Kalom e. Ami khub upobhog korbo kemon. Valo theko.

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