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Paintings by Suparna Ghosh

Artist :Suparna Ghosh

Mandela art (Pencil Sketch)
Doodle Art (using pencil and artist pen)
মুক্ত বিহঙ্গ … নারী মুক্তির প্রতিকৃতি (Water Colour on Paper)
স্নিগ্ধ সকাল (Pencil Sketch)
Lord Krishna (using Faber-Castell)
নিশি রাত (Water Colour on Paper)
রাধা কৃষ্ণের প্রেমলীলা (Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper)
Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper. Abstract Painting.



Suparna Ghosh

A devoted painter and Bharatnatyam dancer. Love to read storybooks in leisure time.



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