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My failed attempt at poetry…

Shubhankar Sharma


On my desk to write a poem my pen is about to move.
Pondering over life and its obstacles I try to get into the groove.

I stare blankly (trying to be artistic) at the magical night sky
Like a paralysed ostrich, my creative genius miserably fails to fly.

As I doodle over my failed attempts at writing the very first line,
Being a novice I succumb to emotions which make my will to write further decline.

Infinite ways: there seem to be in which these words and these phrases could seamlessly blend.
But with my limited vocabulary and lack of persistence
It appears I have reached a dead end.

And now the hope of penning a great melancholy seems nowhere in sight.
My failed attempt at poetry is all that I could write.


Shubhankar Sharma


(Shubhankar Sharma is an Economics and Statistics student at University of Toronto. Apart from his academic pursuits he finds joy in music and conversations that leave you thinking.)




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  1. Such a beautiful poem, I personally relate myself with a few lines of your poem. our blog wants to publish many more write-ups by you. Keep it up.

  2. Who says that your attept failed to write a poem. You never knew that there lies a poetic talent in yourself. I would rather say it’s a beautiful come back. Do write poem for us to enrich this blog. Best of luck for all times. Regards, Anjan

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