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Looking At The Lockdown From A Child’s Perspective

Pratiti Sen

It was 2019’s last day. We all celebrated the Happy New Year happily together. We went to a restaurant and ordered savoury food.  Everyone wore new clothes and partied all night without any fear. We were all very delighted and hopeful for the new year. The beginning of the new year 2020 was good since the school reopened and we were planning to do our projects. But then suddenly a news of an infection broke out.

 It originated in China. 

Suddenly, the lockdown of the whole world started. No one can approach out of their homes. Many poor people have also died due to this lockdown.

It spreads very fast and is very dangerous. Many scientists are trying to make an antidote but it still has not been formulated yet. We all need to be at home.

Though there are many ways to prevent us from this, it is best to use alcohol-based sanitisers and wash your hands with soap for twenty seconds. 

Initially I was not happy at all. My school was closed, my dance school also discontinued the classes. I could not go to meet my friends and my relatives. I really wasn’t happy to be at home all the time.

But slowly, I got used to it and started doing many activities at home only, like dancing , writing small essays, and playing the piano. I celebrated my parents’ anniversary and my mom’s birthday by making cake and pizzas. My thamma and granny helped me a lot. 

My online school has started already along with my piano classes.

This infection has many bad sides but there is a positive side of following the lockdown too- We are all getting a lot of time to spend with our family and learn new things. 

 It is very important to regulate our lives for the betterment of the society.
And now onwards we should remember this slogan:


Pratiti Sen

She is 9 years of age. She loves Dancing, Drawing and Drama. She is very jolly by nature and loves to gorge on delicious food.



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