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Lonely Star

Sohini Sarker

From my bed on a summer night,
I saw a bright, lonely star
It stood still between two trees.
The night birds called from far.

I came close to the window.
The night wind came onto my face
The trees swayed to the breeze,
As if ready to go to another place.

But I felt a little sorry
For the star so alone
And I thought it looked like the child
Who stays back in the school
After all the friends are gone.

The next evening, a rain rose up
And came along a storm
Afterwards, my friends called me to the terrace
Once the rain was gone.

The wind was blowing, the trees were flowing
On the street passed many cars
We baked a cake and walked under the sky,
A sky full of stars.

It was then I knew what I failed to see
Because my window does not show the whole sky:
The star seemed lonely, for I could not see the night
As much as a bird who would fly.

And on the terrace, the next night
With my friends, I shared a cup of tea,
And sang a song for all the stars,
For we are not as lonely, as we seem to be.

Sohini Sarker

Works in Bangalore. Lover of literature and music. A dreamer and an aspiring author.




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