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Ignorance Of Law

Author: Sraboni Mitra Ghosh

Ignorance of the law or Ignorantia Jenis(Latin word) is no excuse- it is a common saying, as it’s a legal principle holding that, being unaware of the law, no person can get away with that. A common man or a lawyer borne this idea that reading a heavy book, difficult legal phrases, getting a degree is the only possible way to understand the law or the legal system of one’s own nation. But this is a wrong notion. Each and every man or woman who cares to be a law-abiding citizen of the country can simply follow it. Keeping in mind that every action needs to follow a few basic mannerisms – like not to create nuisance or damage or cause emotional distress, threaten other’s security, hurt or involve in bodily injury, cheat someone, or do wrongful acts intentionally.

These are all very simple and common knowledge which is expected to be followed by all. Theoretically, one cannot accidentally commit a crime. You have to have malicious intent or criminal intent. Laws are rules that provide a framework for society. Everyone is expected to know and respect the rights and responsibilities set by law. All does not require to educate themselves with a law degree, to be aware of any legal consequences. The basic awareness of the law is a general legal requirement. If a person’s natural conscience makes him realise or guides him for wrong and right, he may not involve himself for any crime. Though each and every nation has its own set of laws, the basic legal system everywhere is the same. Legal studies or general awareness should be made a part of our primary education or a compulsory subject. So a wrongdoer cannot escape liability merely because of the unawareness of law. If the general intention of one’s own self is not to commit a criminal act, then one need not be well-read or well-versed with the legal statutes. The common knowledge and common sense of oneself are generally enough to restrain from committing a crime or breaking a rule. Every person need not be permitted to plead ignorance as a defence to escape the rigors of the law.

Performing one’s own duties and responsibilities and believing in morality can make one a law-abiding and responsible citizen.


(B.A. LLB)

She is an Advocate by qualification but a designer by her profession.

She is the Co-owner of an established Boutique in Kolkata. She takes interest in art and performing arts like dance and drama.




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